Simon Biltcliffe

Simon Biltcliffe

Lifetime news

Posted on: 21/02/2014

Managing Director, Webmart:

At Work: “Every day, I strive to make Webmart the world’s best print services agency.

“I am an odd, restless, impatient, malcontent soul in work – there are always better ways to do things! Knowing what they are is the easy bit; getting them done is less easy, but we improve every day, which makes us happy. That and people development. These are the be all and end all of any business. Technology makes the experience people have extensible and scalable.

At Play: “Love being outside! I can think outside much better than inside, hence my hobbies are all outside: climbing, motorcycling, travelling, watching the mighty Barnsley play their world-class, if unique, version of football (now, how to change the rules for everyone else to play our way?), as well as being dad to two daughters as tall as me these days.”

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