Neil Hodgson

Neil Hodgson

Lifetime news

Posted on: 21/02/2014

“I am the Business Development Manager at Barnsley-based financial management company Lifetime.

“My role is to recruit, manage and develop 12 financial advisers at the moment up to circa 16 in the coming months.

“I also ‘recruit’ professional Introducers and find client banks that are suitable for our business (e.g. from retiring Financial Advisers).

“I have been in the Financial Services Industry for 30 years, working across many different distribution channels in diverse roles.

“I would like to talk to students about the following:

• Why they should consider Financial Services as an option for their future careers

• The vast array of financial services that exist so they know what the opportunities are

• Generally what they should know about using financial services and what they should avoid in their adult lives.

In addition I would like to be considered to discuss the following:

• How to progress a career if university is not possible or preferred

• How to set personal goals and be motivated to achieve them

“I am happy to speak to a large audience in either a theatre, classroom or small groups in a small space. The most effective method is usually small groups.

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