Lindsey Cornish

Lindsey Cornish

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Posted on: 21/02/2014

Lindsey is the joint-founder and join Editor-in-Chief, ‘Ballad Of…..’

‘Ballad Of…..’ is a London-based art and photography magazine which was established in 2008 by Barnsley-born Lindsey and fellow Northerner Claire Murray.

Says Lindsey: “I originally went to Holgate. I was the class of 2002 I think! I actually studied in Sheffield. Sorry! I would have loved to study in Barnsley, but unfortunately didn’t offer the course I wanted to do which was photography. So I ventured far and wide to Sheffield(!) and did a BTEC there.

“I then went to study at university in Blackpool (photography still) and graduated about five years ago. God I feel old now!

“I then moved back to Barnsley for a few months before biting the bullet and moving to London.

“I think if I’d left it longer, living in Barnsley, I wouldn’t have moved to London. I had to do it quick from Uni before I got settled and wanted to stay.

“I still miss Barnsley loads!

“Studying photography obviously set me up for what I do now and my job is all about creativity and finding the next big thing.

“But after I moved down to London I got a job in a model agency on reception, which did help get my foot in the door and gained knowledge of how the whole creative industry works. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning, but this helped massively.

“My working partner Claire and I decided to set up the Ballad Of…. magazine (a tipsy, but awesome decision) for young people fresh out of Uni to get seen. We set up a platform for fresh talent and to kick start their career; whether it be photography, styling, creative writing… whatever we love really. So we went home, set up a Facebook page asking for people to get involved, and went to bed. In the morning the response was huge so we couldn’t turn back! And so here we are today, with double-figure issues under our belt and a good following. It just proves that hard work is the way forward.

“We are in fact an art magazine. That’s what we set off to do and that’s what we class ourselves as. It’s just evolved over time into more of a fashion vibe. We love art and we love fashion, so combining it seemed perfect. Our magazine is submission based only so we never know what we’re getting until deadline day. So you guys make the decision for us. If you submit it and it fits the theme (and we love), it gets printed.”


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