Liam Gilroy and Liam Swann

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Liam Gilroy and Liam Swann

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Posted on: 21/10/2015

The two Liams are the ‘creative sparks’ behind Arcadia Film.

Liam Gilroy (top picture) is the director of Arcadia Film, while Liam Swann (second picture) is the Creative Skillset Trainee (Script Supervisor)

They are equals in the business and would speak to students together.

Liam S has completed his masters in film, is a published author, and is also a passionate film writer.

Liam G says: “I am a lover of the creative arts, hailing from Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

“I like to have as many creative outlets as I can, but I’m primarily a filmmaker. Scholars say that my love of storytelling stems from early exposure to Huxley Pig, Pingu and Thomas the Tank Engine!

“It wasn’t until I went to study media production that my eyes were opened to the idea of actually making films, and that’s when I fell in love with films and filmmaking.

“Since then I’ve gained a degree in Film & Television Studies and co-founded Arcadia Film.

“Both Liam and I would have found it very valuable  if someone spoke to us about the possibilities of filmmaking, graphic design and animation, so overall that’s what we will talk about; how to get started in those fields, how to maximise creativeness and to network and sell yourself in the industry.”

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