Laura Davies

Laura Davies

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Posted on: 21/02/2014

Laura is the owner of CopyCat Costumes – an online fancy dress and party supplies business.

“I am a former stage manager who worked for the Welsh National Opera and Stephen Joseph Theatre with Alan Ayckbourn.

“I later went on to open an e-commerce party supplies business which has recently been awarded the ‘Best Party Supplies Business in Yorkshire and the Humber’ by Netmums.com.

“I have worked from the age of 10-years-old, starting as a performer, and have been self-employed from the age of 16 whilst also working through Barnsley College and Aberystwyth University gaining A Levels and a BA Hons.

“For my business I do everything from marketing, design, maintaining the site to going out to festivals, themed events and providing merchandise for shows!

“I am proud to work with local businesses in any way I can and I would love to work more with schools.

“I have a lot of parents from schools around the borough as customers, and the amount of times I’ve had them in my office wanting last minute costumes is crazy!

“I am happy to work with any number of students and environments. Ideas include a typical ‘Day in the life of CopyCat Costumes’ which students could go through with me, to see the realities of what my business entails.

“I am open to any suggestions. I also want to make students aware that although I had great support from family and friends, I still made mistakes, took the wrong decisions at times and worked with the wrong people but it’s those experiences that lead you to where you are.

“I am extremely passionate about my business and I hope that will help inspire others. I certainly was inspired by Lifetime and Horizon’s BBIS link-up and launch, and the students I met on that night.

“PS: Please note that the picture of me is my standard PR image; my hair isn’t normally like that ha ha!).”

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