Clare Bottomley

Clare Bottomley

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Posted on: 21/02/2014

Owner, Moo Designs:

“After concentrating on bringing up my children, middle-aged madness took over and I decided to start my business in the middle of a recession!

“With the help and influence of my daughter, Holly, we wanted to create something that we would both be happy to shop and work in. We opened Moo Designs in 2009 with the support of my husband, children and fantastic friends.

“Our products are raw and edgy, produced by an array of designers that are encouraged to exercise their imaginations under the house label. We have a great team of enthusiastic and talented people at Moo.

“Great service is at the heart of everything we do, from making our customers feel at ease in the shop, to going that extra mile to supply what they want.

“We buy clothes from all over the world, including Paris, Italy and Amsterdam.

“These, combined with local designers and dress makers, our own in-house designers and Peppercorn Jewellery and of course the original Moo bags, make for a completely fresh shopping experience.”

  • Moo is based at the Lucorum in Barnsley.

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