Amanda Heenan

Amanda Heenan

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Posted on: 21/02/2014

Director, 360 Engagement:

To start, here are some things that come to mind when I try to define myself:

  • A single parent
  • A good friend
  • Never one to travel a straight path to anywhere
  • Passionate and dedicated
  • Having physical limitations has had no impact on my ability to achieve and has helped me to explore what can be achieved and understood whatever your ability
  • On the path to exploring my soul journey and learning how we are all connected – and using this understanding to have a positive impact

Things I am most proud of:

  • My strong minded and wise beyond words son, who is also excelling at being a teenager!
  • My business, 360 Engagement and the people I work with
  • Have achieved my Law Masters and BSc(Hons) degree in a non-traditional way (I studied both through distance learning, later in life)
  • Being able to take care of my son and myself financially independently, even though this has sometimes been a challenge and being self-employed, a great leap of faith in myself

Greatest challenges:

  • Keeping a balance in all things, particularly between work and the other bits of life
  • Keeping a sense of perspective when bringing up a teenage son, who also is never one to travel a straight path to anywhere!
  • Not letting my inbox dictate my day

Opportunities to engage with pupils and staff at Horizon:

  • Speaking to larger groups is fine
  • One to one coaching / mentoring sessions
  • Speaking to smaller groups
  • Working more strategically with Horizon to link in with the community development work we are engaged in along with other public sector services.

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